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KINBRIGHT USA has been a leading manufacturer of innovative LEDs for over 30 years. We offer the most comprehensive LED product line in the industry, which includes SMD LEDs and Displays, High Brightness LEDs, Through-Hole LEDs and Displays, Circuit Board Indicators and other LED-related products. It is our core mission to achieve innovation through investing in R&D and developing high efficiency LEDs that comply with the RoHS and REACH Directives.

MERITEK ELECTRONICS opened for business in early 1993, and has been thriving ever since that time. The company’s Taiwan-based manufacturing locations had already been operating for some twenty years, and had previously sold into the North American market under private label sales arrangements with various well-known component companies. Meritek’s success stemmed from the high quality of its products, the company’s uncompromising customer service, as well as its aggressive pricing. Entering its third decade of existence, Meritek is proud to count among its customers a variety of well known and Fortune 500 companies. And, despite a tremendous amount of growth during its first decade, Meritek still recognizes “Quality, Service, and Pricing” as the hallmarks to its success.

MEGA ELECTRONICS is the source for components that bring power from the wall into your product. Dedicated to being your one stop solution for designing, manufacturing and delivering power cords, power supplies and DC/DC converters. MEGA has instituted VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory), positioning us to support blanket orders and stock and release requirements. Our engineering and sales teams are dedicated to seeing your project through from initial concept to product release and throughout the product life cycle.

PCA Electronics Inc. manufactures a broad selection of electromagnetic components for computer, telecommunications, and medical OEMs. Applications include computer networking equipment, high speed telecommunications, custom and standard power magnetics for aerospace, automotive, medical equipment, and many other electronic systems.  Corporate headquarters are located in North Hills, California. North Hills and our key manufacturing sites in China and Philippines are ISO9001:2008 registered.  PCA is proud of a reputation built over 60 years as a responsive and innovative manufacturer. PCA can deliver exceptional product quality, impeccable service, and support for all of your electromagnetic component needs.

Zierick Manufacturing Corp. is an engineering-based manufacturer of connectors and the leading source of solutions to complex electronic and printed circuit board interconnection requirements and problems, ranging from standard products to custom-made goods. We also provide our customers with assembly equipment for our parts, interconnection hardware, and taped terminals. Since 1919, Zierick has set the standard in both design leadership and quality tooling and stamping.

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