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SPECTRON COMPONENTS, INC. is a Southern California Electronic Manufacturers Representative. We specialize in front panel, back panel, interconnect, enclosures and power applications as well as board level components.

Manufacturer's product lines represented are as follows:
Abbatron (Audio Connectors)
Bud Industries (Cabinets Enclosures
DSG-Canusa (Heat shrink)
Kenwood (ProTalk Two Way Radios)
Kingbright USA (LEDs Displays)
Knowles (Acoustic Components)
Major League Electronics (Connectors)
Mega Electronics (Power Products)
Otto Engineering (Switches Controls)
Zierick Manufacturing (PCB Hardware)
Please refer to our Product Page for additional details on the lines we represent, contact us by telephone or email or download a copy of our current Product Guide.

If you are an OEM working on a new or existing project, feel free to contact us for product literature, sample requests, price quotes, order expedites or application assistance on any of our lines. We are easy to reach at 800-856-1446 or FAX at 949-502-5599.
Brian Burnevik
- Sales Manager, Field Sales Support
Tom Walker - Field Sales Orange County, LA South Bay
Chris Lewis - Field Sales LA North, SF Valley, Tri-County
Tammy Nipper - Field Sales San Diego County
Bobbie Alger
- Office Administration, Customer Service
Arnesia McNeil - Office Administration, Customer Service
Rhonda Alger
- Office Manager, Customer Service
Little Brutus - Company Mascot, Fearless 8lb Pomeranian

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